Santa Fe and Albuquerque 2014

The time really is getting short now. I can almost hear NASA counting down to blastoff. We’re not quite all packed, but close, so we decided to take another quick trip down south to Santa Fe and Albuquerque for a taste of spring and a temporary goodbye to some family. Our room at the Inn at Vanessie was super-Southwesty-cute:


The piano bar was enticing as ever, with the beautiful artwork that characterizes Santa Fe:

Painting in the Piano Bar at the Inn at Vanessie, Santa Fe
Painting in the Piano Bar at the Inn at Vanessie, Santa Fe

I’m afraid a still photo does not begin to capture how mesmerizing the wind sculptures outside were in the breeze:

Santa Fe
Santa Fe

The taste of spring was a little elusive. We woke up to snow Saturday morning. Really? Will this winter never end? But within a couple of hours the snow had melted away and we were encouraged to see the trees in Albuquerque are in bloom:


And, double bonus, the High Noon Saloon did not disappoint:

High Noon Saloon, Albuquerque

The moving van arrives on Wednesday to load up everything that hasn’t been pitched, donated, or temporarily farmed out to foster families (piano, etc.), so we have two days of intense final packing ahead of us. In a way, it’s good, because we don’t have time to think about all the dear friends we’re leaving behind. One of the Bon Voyage cards we received said something like, “I’m terrible at goodbyes, so I’m just going to pretend we’re playing Hide and Go Seek, and you’re just really hard to find.” So here we go, cover your eyes . . . 100, 99, 98, 97 . . . .