Memories of Maui

I’ve been in a bit of a funk recently, for no good reason, just a few disappointments, the fact that spring still feels a lot like winter.  And I miss David. You might think after five years I’d be . . . what?  Immune? Over it? That’s not really how grief works. Focusing on the positive helps, though.

Maui – November 2003

So when I stumbled upon these photos from a November 2003 trip to Maui to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary, I was not just cheered up. I was delighted. I’d thought the bulk of them were long gone. I’ve had the photo above enlarged, framed, and on the wall for years, because I just can’t get enough of those blues, but the rest were a wonderful surprise.

Maui 2003
Maui 2003
Maui 2003
Maui 2003
Maui  Sunset 2003

Sunsets are spectacular there, of course, but I also love the early morning light. The last two are from the walk we took every morning before breakfast.

Early morning Maui 2003

I don’t even know what to call that stunning shade of blue, undulating with peachy pinks and molten silver, flecks of navy in liquid mercury, but it feeds my soul somehow.

Maui morning – November 2002

So even though the early spring weather brought us a near-blizzard this morning, canceling one of my poetry classes and the first of five “Wine Tour of France” educational tastings, I’m okay.

I heard this today from Timothy Keller on the Gospel in Life podcast: “Because of God, there is an ocean, an infinite ocean of love and joy out there for us, and we’re trapped temporarily in a little tiny piece of darkness, microscopic practically. Evil is a passing thing. There’s light and high beauty forever beyond its reach because evil fell into the heart of Jesus. It doesn’t matter what happens. It’s going to be all right.” 

Take heart. It’s going to be all right.