Wine Tasting

Le Temps des Cerises, Paris

I’ve been sipping through a class called Wine Tour of France for the past four weeks, and it’s been great. Not as good as actually touring France while tasting wine, but I’ll take what I can get.  I’ve loved wine tasting since David’s brother Doug took us on our first jaunt through the Willamette Valley in Oregon.

Colene Clemens Winery

Of course, it’s partly the actual wine, but it’s also the stunning beauty of the scenery, and not just in France and Oregon. David and I stumbled upon this gorgeous place just outside Albuquerque one day in early 2013. We went for a drive and suddenly found ourselves pulling into the Casa Rondeña Winery.

Casa Rondeña Winery
Casa Rondeña Winery – March 2013

Still. I do love the beauty of France. We loved Saint-Émilion (more photos at this link). . .

On the Great Vineyards Train — Saint-Émilion in the distance

and the Loire Valley. Check here and here for more.

Château de Chinon
Near Tours – Val de Loire

Today, since I am in neither France nor the Willamette Valley, I drove up the Poudre Canyon for the scenery and fresh air.

Poudre Canyon – near Fort Collins, Colorado

It was a glorious afternoon, and I enjoyed a few quiet moments by the river out behind the Poudre Canyon Chapel. I haven’t felt fabulous since Easter weekend, but finally seem to be truly on the mend, so this was just what I needed.

Wishing you grace, peace, health, and beauty–wine and dancing under a shower of swirling blossoms optional!