Okay, none of us are moving here . . .

La Rochelle, France

or here . . .

Monet’s House and Garden at Giverny, France

or here . . .

Château de la Roche Courbon, France

or here . . .

Forteresse de Largoët, Bretagne, France

or even here . . .

Hill House, John C. Campbell Folk School, Brasstown, North Carolina

. . . although I wouldn’t mind revisiting all of the above. Still, moving seems to be the word of the moment. Chelsea and Brian are moving to a new house next week, fortunately still only about twenty minutes from me. Meanwhile, Brittany is awaiting final approval to head to Australia for a couple months of training. Then if all goes according to plan, she’ll head back to Australia in the fall, with Andy and their dog Bega, for a two-year stint. Even Courtney and her crew are looking for a new house, preferably to buy within the next month or two. So there’s a lot of moving going on.

Chelsea and Brian are crazy busy and buried in packing boxes, since moving day is  nearly here. Beckett goes to the nanny’s, so they can get some packing done, and I’ve been on call to entertain little man Brooks. Brooks 18 March 2022 

Chelsea and/or Brian do all the work and I sit on the couch holding a warm, sleeping baby or darling, cooing, smiling baby. Okay, yes, sometimes enraged or spitting-up baby, but still. Best moving experience of my life.

When I’m not on baby duty, I’m doing a lot of writing. Lots of poetry, but I’m also closing in on the first draft of the memoir I’m writing about my life with David, which is a whole different kind of moving. I’ve reached the point where we’ve just returned from our 2017 trip to France–maybe that’s why I chose all the France photos for this post. But it’s the point where both the news from the medical team and David’s quality of life are beginning to get progressively worse with each passing week. And although I can now think of our many happy memories with  nearly unambiguous joy, the hard times are, well, harder. Still, it feels right to tell this story.

And then there’s the news. I don’t know how any of us could not be moved by the plight of those from Ukraine, forced to leave their beloved homes, and often to leave their country entirely, to avoid violence and destruction. It’s beyond moving. It’s heartbreaking.

So I’m wishing you grace, whether you’re moving or holding babies or reading the news. Whatever you’re doing to try to help anyone, bless you. I’m praying for peace for all of us on this small, troubled, moving planet.