Alexandria, Virginia 2014

On Wednesday, we moved out of our house in Colorado, and flew the next day to Alexandria, Virginia, to cheer on our youngest daughter as she runs a half-marathon on Saturday.  David managed to score a great deal on first class tickets for barely more than the coach ticket plus bag fees and lunch with drinks in both directions. He didn’t mention it to me, preferring it to be a surprise, so of course, there I am at the airport, trailing behind, feebly calling to him as he charges on past the coach kiosks: “Um, David, where are you going? We’re supposed to go over here. . . . David?” I thought he was just oblivious.  But what a welcome surprise after days of the chaos of moving. I’m battling some cold/flu thing, so thought I’d better choose orange juice as my complimentary beverage. Doesn’t it look healthy?

OJ, the way they do it in First Class
OJ, the way they do it in First Class

Love our super-cute hotel just off King Street (the main drag of Alexandria):

Our hotel: Morrison House, Alexandria
Our hotel: Morrison House, Alexandria

We needed to tend to business while our room was being cleaned, so set up with our laptops in the library of the hotel:

Library of Morrison House, Alexandria, VA
Library of Morrison House, Alexandria, VA

Very pleasant, nice and warm, with smooth jazz playing in the background. After catching up with emails, we had a nice little wander down King Street.

King Street, Downtown Alexandria
King Street, Downtown Alexandria

I love all the old brick and shiny black trim. Bit chilly yet to do much exploring, especially while feeling not so great, but at least the sun was out. It seems Spring may actually arrive this year after all. Bon courage!

5 thoughts on “Alexandria, Virginia 2014”

  1. Hi Sunny,
    I’ve met you several times at advanced meetup and coffee and croissants. Would you please add me to your blog? I’d love to hear about your travels.
    Jodie Sabin

    1. You should be able to click the follow link on the blog and then accept the email you’ll get after that. No need to sign up with WordPress unless you want to.

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