Tropical Iowa and Other Highlights of Mid-America

After Omaha, we were off to the Ramada Tropics Resort in . . .wait for it . . . Des Moines, Iowa. Isn’t the word “tropics” the first word that springs to mind when you hear “Des Moines”?

Ramada Tropics Resort, Des Moines, Iowa
Ramada Tropics Resort, Des Moines, Iowa

Not really our kind of place, had we been on our own, but we were meeting Courtney and our granddaughters (who are 7 and almost 6), and, although a mob scene most of the time, it was perfect for them. Look at these smiles!

Felicity (5) and Bailey (7)
Felicity (5) and Bailey (7)

We only stayed one night there, since we had to keep heading east, but today, just past Gary, Indiana, we got in the wrong lane at a toll stop and found ourselves heading back west on I-90 for a while. Ghaa-a-a-a-a! David managed to keep his cool and got us turned back in the right direction at a crazy, complicated cluster of exits, loops, and ramps–none adequately marked–nowhere near any major metropolitan area that seemed to warrant such creative engineering. Yeesh.

Once we were finally heading east again we passed a new-ish looking roadside attraction: the RV/MH Hall of Fame. I’m not making this up. (We did not stop.) What exactly does a motor home do to earn a spot in a Hall of Fame?

Tonight we’re in Erie, PA, and I’m gradually getting healthier with each day. Can’t believe we’ll be on a flight to Paris on Wednesday. I hope Spring has sprung there more convincingly than it has here on I-90. We heard a radio announcer today saying, “Here in Cleveland, we know it’s Spring when feeling returns to our hands and feet.” I don’t know about you, but I’m hoping for a bit more than that!

4 thoughts on “Tropical Iowa and Other Highlights of Mid-America”

  1. Oh my gosh! Those little girls! One is Sunny and the other is David. It’s like they bypassed their own parents completely. So darn cute! Safe travels. Carol and Mark

  2. OMG! (Sorry) Those adorable faces!! I think Carol got it right with bypassing the parents and favoring the “Grands”–although I must admit I haven’t seen Courtney in forever. You’ve been holding out on us with “Grandma’s Brag Book”. BBCE this Friday–will be missing you….

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