Life in Oz

No, we’re not actually in Oz. We’re still in La Rochelle, which we love, but sometimes Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz springs to mind, as in, “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” Here we see things we would not ordinarily see in Fort Collins, Colorado. Like this:

I have no idea.
I have no idea.

Well, maybe we do see things like that occasionally in Fort Collins, but only on Tour de Fat Saturday!

Don’t see these, though:

L'hôtel de ville de La Rochelle

L'hôtel de ville de La Rochelle
L’hôtel de ville de La Rochelle

Or these:

Citroën 2CV – Classic French Car
Citroën 2CV – Classic French Car

Or toddlers sporting fabulous scarves:

Toddler in Scarf Cropped

Or man-bags:

David says no thank you.

Or Converse worn quite this way:

Very French
Very French

Or women of all ages enjoying fashion quite this much:

Rockin' the Mini-Skirt
Rockin’ the Mini-Skirt

How about this one?

Maybe a rock star?

None of the above are isolated random sightings–well except the dude in pink. Converse, man-bags, beautifully wound scarves on children, and even stylish seniors in mini-skirts and boots are everywhere. We can’t get enough. We walk and look or sit and watch (and sneak furtive photos with a long lens) every chance we get.

Finally, check out this little piece of the vieux port. Can you imagine a drop-off like this in the states with no railing? And yet, we all manage to walk along it every day with no mishaps. Well, few. There was a bike at the bottom you could see at low tide the other day, and be sure to scroll down to note my hat’s new home.

The sad end of my fab hat!
The sad end of my fab hat!

Sunday my best new hat was stolen from my head by a strong gust of wind and dropped down into the silt of low tide, as you can see above. Of course the port area is always thronged with pedestrians and café-sitters, so there was a sympathetic chorus of Oh! Là! Là! Là! Là! (It was more than a two Là! catastrophe, but not quite a six. “Oh! Là! Là!” is used for any surprise, whether positive or negative. The more “là” is repeated, the more likely it is to be negative.) I could possibly have climbed down the ancient iron ladder affixed to the wall and then squished across eight or ten feet of muck in an effort to retrieve it, but decided to let it go, rather than attempt it with such a large audienceLater when we came back that way, the tide had come up a bit, but it was still visible and was providing quite the conversation starter. I overheard no fewer than five separate groups of people, “Blah, blah, blah, un chapeau . . . .” One man in a hat was leaning over and looking without holding on to his own hat, so I felt compelled to warn him. “Ah, attention à votre chapeau, monsieur! C’est mon chapeau là-bas!” (“Be careful of your hat, sir! That’s my hat down there!”) Guess that was my fifteen minutes of fame—kind of lame. Yesterday I went back to La Chapellerie and bought another one, but David has made me promise to hold onto it when near the water.

Once we’ve had enough people-watching for the day, we head back home,  and although Colorado is certainly very beautiful,  I can assure you we’ve never glanced down a random side street in Fort Collins and seen anything like this:

Rue Bazoges, La Rochelle
Rue Bazoges, La Rochelle

What a treat for the eyes this place is.

5 thoughts on “Life in Oz”

  1. Sunny,
    I really enjoy reading your blogs. I find them informative, humorous and interesting. What a great way to stay connected with us little people here in America. 😜😎 Keep them coming!

    P.S. The pictures are as good as your awesome writing is.

  2. Oh–but I did spot a gentleman sporting a man-bag just the other day in Old Town much like the one pictured above! Sorry about the hat. Being a hat person myself I was saddened to see your jaunty chapeau more or less unretrievable.

    1. Fortunately, the hat guy had another one just like it, and he gave me a good deal. My favorite part of buying a hat there is that he insists on putting it on the customer, so I walk out of there with my chapeau at a fabulous jaunty angle that I can never quite duplicate. I’ll keep trying though!

  3. Keep those fashion tips coming 🙂 I even have the same scarf as the mini-skirt lady (is from Prague, my scarf that is). Hopefully you won’t get the nasty wind that was here last week! It moved much more than hats!
    Love the posts and the photos!

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