Baccarat au Petit Palais

Although we are trying to make the most of our time here in Paris, I promise not to bore you with a play by play of everything we’re doing, but I do want to tell you about our visit Tuesday to the Petit Palais. The building itself is worth seeing, and I especially wanted to go this week because I had seen posters for a brand new temporary exhibit of Baccarat crystal. Lots of beautiful urns, stemware and pitchers, but my favorites were the chandeliers. This one was in the main gallery to entice you to buy a ticket to see the whole exhibit.

Baccarat Chandelier against the ceiling of the Petit Palais
Baccarat Chandelier against the ceiling of the Petit Palais

Here are some detail shots of a few of the enormous standing-style chandeliers, sort of super-posh lamp posts.

Baccarat Detail
Baccarat Detail
Baccarat Detail
Baccarat Detail

My favorite part of the exhibit was a dark-walled room with soft music playing and seven or eight absolutely stunning chandeliers alternately brightening and then dimming back to a soft glow, one at a time, as if they were each taking their turn in the spotlight. It was like a minuet, with ladies in hooped ball gowns, and absolutely mesmerizing. Fortunately, the benches along the wall were hard and backless or I would probably still be there!

So put on a little music, and I’ll give you a sample. You can even sit in a comfortable chair and stay as long as you like.

Baccarat Chandelier Gold and Crystal detail

Baccarat Asymetrical Lampshade Chandelier

Baccarat Electric Candle Chandelier

Baccarat Pink Lampshade Chandelier

Baccarat Chandelier bronze and gold detailBaccarat Chandelier RoomShine on!

3 thoughts on “Baccarat au Petit Palais”

    1. Yes, 11 euros each to see all the things in the photos. Worth it, with the fab dancing chandeliers. Buying the tickets was no picnic, though, with a rude English couple that cut in line in front of me at one ticket booth and were taking forever because their audio-guides weren’t working, so I went over to the other ticket counter only to have them come over and cut in front of me AGAIN, just as it was my turn. Then I had to listen to them muttering snide things like, “Welcome to France.” I almost said, “Please feel welcome to leave France immediately!”

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