Fun on Folly

I promised more about fun and funky Folly Beach a couple of posts ago, so here you go . . .

Folly Beach in Evening Light
Folly Beach in Evening Light

The beach itself–from the northeast end to the southwest end–looks much the same, wide, flat and firm–in fact, pretty perfect, so we’ve been taking lots of long walks. Usually, when we drive the five minutes from the condo, we turn right at Folly’s one stoplight, to drive down to the southwest end and the county park, where there’s lots of free parking. But one day we turned left and found this . . .

Morris Island Lighthouse
Morris Island Lighthouse


. . . the Morris Island Lighthouse just up over the dunes.






Here’s what else we found, one day in early-December . . .

December Kiteboarders
December Kiteboarders

I can’t help asking myself, if you have to dress like this . . .

Ski-Hat Kiteboarder
Ski-Hat Kiteboarder

. . . with gloves and a wool ski hat, should you even BE in the water?

December Kite Boarders
December Kite Boarders

But he was not alone. As you can see, he had lots of company out there. No, thank you.

Here’s another fun seeker I encountered one day down at our usual end, at Folly Beach County Park. His friend had one of these on his back already and was revving the engine. I didn’t stay to see what, exactly, he and his friend would do with these, but he did let me take a picture of it. ↓

Seriously. I have no idea.
Seriously. I have no idea.

Looks scary and loud to me. Apparently I am NOT an adrenaline junkie.

On a slightly calmer note, about a week or so ago, our youngest daughter, Chelsea, discovered it was only a quick one-hour flight down from DC, so she came down to join us late Christmas day and stayed through the weekend. Timing turned out to be perfect, because the weather was fabulous, even hitting 70 a couple of days. We dropped her luggage off at the condo and took her straight out to the beach for our walk. It just happened to be the lowest tide we’d seen yet . . .

Christmas Day with Chelsea
Christmas Day with Chelsea on Folly Beach

We ended up doing more shelling than walking. Chelsea actually found two LIVE sand dollars, something I’d never seen before, and later found a large live conch. (Yes, she put all of them back to live happily ever after.) Super cool, though.

So, okay, our version of fun is a bit less action-packed, but I guess to each his own. Some of my fun is in taking pictures and writing this blog for you, so thanks very much for reading (and commenting now and then).

Do anything, but let it produce joy. ∼Walt Whitman Leaves of Grass

Find ecstasy in life; the mere sense of living is joy enough. ∼Emily Dickinson

Even in the mud and scum of things, something always, always sings. ∼Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wishing you a fun–and safe–New Year’s celebration!

3 thoughts on “Fun on Folly”

  1. Thank you for the uplifting truisms — sometimes I forget how “.. even in the mud and scum ” there are indeed blessings. Still enjoying the journey!!

  2. I love reading your writing Sunny, as I always have! You are a fabulous writer! I would love to see you guys when you get back to FC!

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