Preview of Home

We snuck into Fort Collins a couple days ago for a surprise appearance at a friend’s retirement celebration, and it was a truly special evening. Great to be back in our once and future hometown, even though we only had time to see a few of our friends. We arrived late Thursday, and Friday was spent skulking around, trying to avoid running into anyone we knew, so as not to spoil the surprise before the evening event. If we missed you this trip, I promise we are looking forward to seeing you in the spring.

The weather was a bit cold and gray at times, but the lights downtown were glowing and festive:

Old Town Fort Collins
Old Town Fort Collins
Fort Collins Lights
Fort Collins Lights

Christmas decorations were still up at Moot House, and the fire was blazing, providing plenty of cozy cheer.

Moot House
Moot House

Tom Glossi←Then off to the celebration of our good friend Tom Glossi’s thirty-one years in ministry. So much fun to surprise him–and everyone else, really, since we had told NO ONE we would be there. It was a bit of a preview homecoming, since we won’t be back for good until April. The evening featured another surprise guest, longtime friend of Tom and Lexi and one of my favorite troubadours, Michael Kelly Blanchard. ↓

MKB (2)

Michael’s songs have a way of soothing the soul like a healing balm, something we certainly need as the headlines continue to be filled with hatred and violence. With Tom in mind and his characteristic quiet compassion, Michael ended with his song, “The Holy Land of the Broken Heart.” His deep, resonant voice washed over us in a truly holy, transcendent moment. Here’s a bit of it for you:

Oh the eyes of humankind, show the pain that numbs the mind,     Search the sorrow for a sign of mercy in the maze. . . .   

Jesus, Lord of all I am, hold me with your wounded hands,                                Keep me in the holy land of the broken heart.

Amen. Peace be with you.

2 thoughts on “Preview of Home”

  1. It was so great to see you at the Glossi retirement celebration. Looking forward to when we can see you more often.

  2. Sonny & David, I saw you across the sanctuary and was delighted that you came back for Tom’s big night!

    I agree with you about Michael K. Blanchard’s music being soothing. When he sang and played guitar, i felt totally relaxed; it was amazing.

    We look forward to your return.

    Love your pictures and stories.

    Fran R.

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