Arty Charleston

While Chelsea was here, of course we had to take her into downtown Charleston, so there was the usual peering down intriguing alleys and winsome walkways:



Brick Alley

Fortunately for Chelsea, though, this time I was also on a mission. Coleman Fine ArtBoth my mom and my aunt had insisted I find Mary Whyte’s paintings, and so far I had either been on the wrong end of downtown or was walking by the gallery on a Sunday, when it was closed. But this time, we were in luck and had a chance to enjoy Coleman Fine Arts, where Mary Whyte displays her amazing watercolors, uniquely and creatively framed by her artist husband, Smith Coleman. Absolutely stunning. Do yourself a BIG favor and check out their website, and don’t miss the videos.

I know the arts are well-represented in lots of different places, including many we’ve visited on this adventure, but there is definitely something about this area that seems to spark creativity. A number of writers make this their home, and artists and artisans are everywhere, many displaying their wares at the Charleston City Market. It was great to have Chelsea along, since her shopping / browsing tolerance is MUCH higher than David’s! Remember Chelsea in France? Anyway, it’s not all high art, but still. Got my creative juices flowing a bit.

So I’m feeling inspired again. I’m devouring Mary Whyte’s books on painting and doing a bit of drawing, but I’m still not quite ready to share any of that with you, especially since there’s a great deal of PREPARING to paint, and very little ACTUAL painting. Sorry. Instead, here’s today’s little arty photo project: ↓

I’m absolutely captivated by the patterns left in the sand by the wind and the receding tide, especially in the oblique, golden light of the setting sun. Besides simply looking super cool, these swoops, swirls, ridges and streaks make me go all philosophical, thinking about the forces that shape us. May the forces that shape you be few of the harsh-winter-wind variety and mostly gentle as the wash of the tide.