The Loop

If you’re willing to brave the deer flies, which are truly, maddeningly persistent, there is a lovely three-ish-mile walk up and down country roads, starting and ending . . . well . . . wherever you choose to start and end, hence the moniker “The Loop.” We start, of course, at the end of the drive, making a sharp left up to a fetching, dim little green path through the woods–the domain of a number of very territorial insects, but oh well. Once past that, it widens into a nice unpaved road which spills out into a quirky little hamlet called Westminster West. It has apparently been here a while:

Yes, it does say, "EST. 1784"
Yes, it does say, “EST. 1784”

If you have time for a slight detour–and of course you do: you’re on a country walk in Vermont–instead of a left at the cemetery, continue straight another thirty yards or so to appreciate this:

Westminster West, Vermont
Westminster West, Vermont

Eagle's Roost Tree CroppedAnd a bit further on . . . well, this:

Yes, someone turned a tree upside down. They’re very artsy here in Vermont. We did not hang around to see the massive eagle (or pterodactyl) that laid these eggs.

It may have escaped your notice that Westminster West is an international crossroads (although Sturgis is not mentioned), but if your GPS fails you, you can consult this:










Once you’ve got your bearings, make a sharp left, back toward the church and the cemetery and you’ll be rewarded with this sight:

Westminster West, Vermont
Westminster West, Vermont

Seriously. It’s like calendar photos everywhere you look. A few more sights from the loop:

Sheep Barn Enhanced and Cropped


Mossy Rock Wall Enhanced

Bird Condo Trimmed and Enhanced


I’ve just started a book by Alice Steinbach called Without Reservations, in which Ms. Steinbach* says of her own year of adventure, she hoped to learn “how to stop rushing from place to place, always looking ahead to the next thing while the moment in front of me slipped away unnoticed.” That’s what we’re trying to do, too, and sometimes I think we’re even succeeding a little bit.

“When I entered my fifties–the Age of Enlightenment, as I came to call it,” she writes, ” . . . I’d knocked around enough to know that, in the end, what adds up to a life is nothing more than the accumulation of small daily moments.” And although I believe there’s also something mysterious and transcendent, and sometimes even holy, that can infuse those moments and make them not really small at all, I agree with her that the moment we’re in is all we really have. Here’s wishing you transcendent and even holy moments, every one of them fully noticed.

*I have a feeling Alice Steinbach will soon be appearing on my quotes page, so keep checking.

2 thoughts on “The Loop”

  1. Good EYE! Bummer about those darn deer flies tho!

    Hope you’re having a nice weekend and we’re both sorry we could’t make it. It’s been crazy w/ work here tho…Shawn has been out all day for the past 2 and I have a long list of work for him from home, so we just could’t have done it 😦

    Anyway…we’ll be gone Tues a.m. very early so let me know if you think you might need anything in the apartment…towels? Sheets? anything and I’ll set you up tomorrow. Otherwise we’ll be back Thurs or Fri (need to ask Shawn) and we’ll get you on Jim…he’s not a beginner’s horse I’ll warn you…but we’ll be careful and I’ll be there.

    hope you’re having a nice time at the lake and LOVE your posts!


    1. We’ll be back to Four-Legged Farm sometime Monday, probably early afternoon, so we’ll likely see you and be able to get organized for the remainder of our stay. Wish you two could have joined us here this weekend. Maybe we’ll squeeze in an overnight yet before we head back to France.

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