Four-Legged Farm Vermont

We’re in Vermont now, at a super-charming, peaceful place called Four-Legged Farm, and it seems like just the kind of place we all need about now. David and I seem to hear daily of new struggles and challenges facing so many of our friends and family, not to mention the world. I hope this post can be for you a tiny respite of serenity and beauty. Know that you are never far from our thoughts and prayers. So imagine yourself here . . .

Four-Legged Farm, Vermont
Four-Legged Farm, Vermont

. . . and I’ll give you a tour:

Four-Legged Farm
Four-Legged Farm: Shawn and Diana’s Part of the House
View from Shawn and Diana's Terrace
View from Shawn and Diana’s Patio
The Loft Bedroom at Four-Legged Farm
Our Bedroom in The Loft at Four-Legged Farm

This place is quirky and artistic in a GOOD way, not like the garage/apartment near Paris.

And the location is about as far from sketchy as you can get. No barred windows and double-bolting needed. Here’s what’s outside:

One of the two-legged at Four-Legged Farm
One of the two-legged at Four-Legged Farm

And this little lady who definitely wanted her picture taken:

One of the four-legged
One of the four-legged at Four-Legged Farm

View out our back patio door. (More on the horses later.)

Diana Schooling Skyler
Diana Schooling Skyler

This place is a tonic for the soul, with beauty everywhere you look.

Four-Legged Farm, Vermont
Four-Legged Farm, Vermont

I love the blending of skill and artistry that goes into a New England stone wall. My dad commented recently that we seem to make friends wherever we go and asked how we do it, and I’ve been pondering the question ever since. We have met some wonderful people, and I wish I had a wise answer, but there’s a mystery to friendship. Maybe it’s a bit like a good dry-stack wall, with labor and art and balance all playing a part, with a need for good raw material and attention to detail, but not perfectionism. I’m afraid I really don’t know. I just know we love meeting new people and hearing their stories, sharing a bottle of wine and a beautiful evening, like we did tonight with Shawn and Diana, our hosts here and our absolutely newest friends. I hope they enjoyed the evening as much as we did.

So peace be with you, friends old and new. You will always have a place in our hearts.


6 thoughts on “Four-Legged Farm Vermont”

  1. Only you could capture that hen at that moment! Love it! … And that rock wall and the goat… I often wish I could just “poster” so many of them.

  2. For saying you aren’t sure, you sure seemed to nail friendship. I think I need to start gathering more rocks. Well put Sunny, as usual.

  3. Sunny, loved and appreciated the simple beauty of this post! Looks like heaven to me and your thoughts on friendship, spot on!

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