Ain’t Misbehavin’

. . . and one who is, but more on that later.

This past week, David and I had an opportunity to sit in on a Big Band and Swing music class with Helen and John and about twenty other octogenarians. Lots of reminiscing and YouTube videos of smooth singers and timeless tunes. Must have been that that made me think of the title for today’s post.

Lobster Night 2013
Lobster Night 2013

David and I are behavin’–sort of. Admittedly in a vacation-mentality kind of way, meaning too much rich food and strong drink and not nearly enough strenuous exercise. We are walking some–not nearly as much as in France–but the most strenuous part is swatting at mosquitoes and deer flies and flailing with the zapper racquet trying to defend ourselves. Despite that, we are definitely enjoying this leg of the adventure.

Lobster Night (last year)
Lobster Night 2013

The weather is behavin’ most of the time, enough that Helen* could open the roof deck, and I could get this shot of one of my favorite rooms anywhere:


And it was nice enough to tempt a loon out during full daylight, close enough to the dock to get a semi-decent shot:

Lake Sunapee Loon
Lake Sunapee Loon

The wind was behavin’ enough that the sailors were happy.


(Cousin) Jennie’s dogs were behavin’ enough to get a float-ride:

Jennie and the Canine Cab
Jennie and the Canine Cab

IMG_4546But THIS guy is definitely misbehavin’ every chance he gets.

He must have read the last post, especially the part about never giving up, because he is relentless. I could learn from him (the persistence, not the thieving).

*David’s mom Helen is still camera-shy, sorry to report, but behavin’ at least as well as the rest of us!

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