Living on the Edge

So we’ve apparently been living on the edge all this time–“the edge of America” that is . . .

The Edge of America
The Edge of America

. . . and it does have that vibe — a bit 60’s surfer / hippy.  There’s even an old boat at the side of the road as you enter town, available to paint–graffiti-style–for random greetings, commemorations, even including R.I.P. as it turns out. What’s painted on the boat rarely lasts more that 24 hours. We briefly considered getting some paint to surprise Tom and Lexi with a boat greeting, but someone had just died, so we decided to let him have a bit more attention. The other day on the way to our daily beach walk, there was a super-cheery, colorful “STAY HAPPY!” but I decided to catch a photo on the way back home. Too late! It had already been painted over.

Of course, we’re just temporary inhabitants, but here are a few who really do live here . . .

Sea Bird

Bird at James Island County Park
Bird at James Island County Park — Identification anyone?

Diving BirdPlease help identify these birds. I have no idea. Whatever they are, they get to enjoy sights like this all the time . . .Silver Blue Sunset Waves

LOVE that silver-blue when the light hits just right.

We were treated to a special sunset our last night in the Folly Beach condo . . .

Last Folly Sunset
Last Folly Sunset — the view from the deck (if you lean dangerously out and crank your neck toward the west!)

But now it’s time to head out, so . . .

Folly Beach Paintable (and re-paintable) Boat
Folly Beach Paintable (and re-paintable) Boat

We’re off to warmer and weirder Key West, a whole different kind of edge, I’m told.

Wishing you warmth wherever you are and happiness, even without the stay-happy boat picture, and interesting experiences, even if they’re not at all weird.




2 thoughts on “Living on the Edge”

    1. Thanks, Eb! You were absolutely the person I had in mind when I asked for help identifying these birds. Guess I was right to think you’d know. Thanks again!

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