Rocky Mountain High

No, not that kind of “high” despite what the law allows here in Colorado. We said goodbye to Santa Fe last Tuesday morning . . .

Wind Sculptures at Loretto Chapel
Wind Sculptures at Loretto Chapel

. . . and headed north, or rather southeast and then northeast and then southeast again and then east and THEN north, because that’s what I-25 does to get around some mountains. We saw a WHOLE LOT of this . . . Road Home I-25. . . but we did finally make it back to Colorado, where the mountains are high, even if we’re not. ↓

Rockies, just north of the New Mexico - Colorado state line
Rockies, just north of the New Mexico – Colorado state line

Pueblo, Colorado, where we had intended to spend the night, turned out to be surprisingly popular and the hotels were full, so we ended up in Colorado Springs for the night. On the plus side the hotel didn’t have the room ready that I’d reserved en route after striking out in Pueblo, so they upgraded us to the Presidential Suite. What?!? Super fun for our last night on the road.

We pulled into Fort Collins on Wednesday, the 8th of April, nearly 13 months after this adventure began. Spring is underway . . .Glossi Yellow Tulips We’re not quite “home” yet, though, since we’re staying with Tom and Lexi until we close on the house we’re buying next week. But it’s lovely to be here . . .Glossi Bench

Glossi Music RoomThis house is filled with music much of the time, which is something I’ve missed. Except for listening to Nostalgie in the car with Pascale and Jacky on all our jaunts around western France, music has been less a part of our daily lives than usual. But here I get to play the piano, and better yet, hear others who’ve actually been practicing!

I was hoping to enjoy more music at church this morning, not to mention long-awaited reunions with friends, but I seem to have caught some wretched bug (or my allergies are on the rampage, not really sure which), so decided I’d quarantine myself this morning and maybe finish this post I started days ago. Life has taken on a new frenetic pace this week, and sleep has become a bit elusive, neither of which is sustainable for long. But I’m sure I’ll be fine and things will settle down.

In this state of flux, though, questions are the order of the day. Are we making the right decisions? What will life be like now after this adventure? What will I post about–I don’t want to quit!–now that our life is a little less movable?

I came across these gems this morning while reading Madeleine L’Engle’s Walking on Water: Reflections on Faith and Art:

Generally what is more important than getting watertight answers is learning to ask the right questions. 

Ah, but what are the right questions?

Safety is only an illusion, and letting it go is part of listening to the silence, and to the Spirit.

So while I’m sitting here this Sunday morning, just one week after Easter, with spring’s new life gaining more ground by the day, I’m going to rest in the silence and listen to the Spirit.

Wishing you a very blessed day, with time for silence and listening!

3 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain High”

  1. Bienvenue!!! Hoping to see you soon at a french gathering! A group of us meet at Café Vino, every other Tuesday, at 9, in their large conference room, to the left as you enter (cause we get kind of rowdy!)……when the weather warms up, we’ll return to La Crêperie where we sit outside (again, due to our rowdiness!). This Sunday, at 3, I’m having a “musicale” chez moi……piano, singing, etc……french songs and/or composers……it’s on “meetup” too……join us, please!

  2. bon retour “chez vous” après ce long voyage. Je suis sure que vous êtes très attendus par tous vos amis. Que de bons moments vous attendent.. Que de choses à raconter, la tête et les yeux emplis de toutes ces expériences, ces paysages ces rencontres… nous on vous dit à bientôt quand les jambes vont vous démanger et que vous allez reprendre la route

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