Well, summer has come to a close. Time to stock up on tea lights . . .Tea Lights Lit and ReadyOkay, these gorgeous tea light holders ↑ are Lexi’s, not mine, but trust me, I use tealights. Bags of them. This is me just getting warmed up for the season . . .↓IMG_8896

But before we move on to fall, I can assure you this last bit of summer has been jam-packed. We’ve helped our daughter Brittany move into her new house. We’ve celebrated babies and weddings and even helped a bit with a rehearsal dinner. . .

Josh and Kelly practicing for the wedding reception
Josh and Kelly practicing for the wedding reception

Here’s David confirming the quality of the wine and our friends’ new deck before the guests arrive . . .

David confirming the quality of the wine and our friends' new deck.

I’ve had my turn to host both Book Club . . .

Sarah and Janie at Book Club
Sarah and Janie at Book Club

. . . and French Club (so busy concentrating on speaking French, I forgot to take pictures). We’ve been to neighborhood BBQ’s and hosted friends for dinner or wine and cheese on the deck. One night our friends Tom and Lexi agreed to be guinea pigs for a trial run of the mini-grill dinner party, like we had at Pascale and Jacky’s, and I’m happy to report, not one of us sustained any injury from inexpert tong usage.

We even had a mini-visit from our Minnesota daughter Courtney . . .

Courtney and Brittany
Courtney and Brittany

. . . who was visiting Brittany for a long weekend. So summer has not been wasted. We’ve appreciated radiant evenings, full moons, and lots of sparkling sunrises out our back door.

Glorious morning out back
Glorious morning out back

We’ve toasted and tasted and shared and enjoyed it all (well, maybe not mosquitoes, but most of it). So now fall is here: more plans, trips and projects, and best of all, new opportunities to celebrate life with those we love.

Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend. 

Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words. ∼ Plautus

To all of you, both near and far, those we see regularly and those for whom a face-to-face takes a bit more planning, you have a place in our hearts. We celebrate you.

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