Welcome, Beckett!

Beckett David Johnson, about 12 hours old

Beckett David Johnson arrived at 12:56 a.m. this morning about thirty seconds before Chelsea was to be rushed in for an emergency C-section. He emerged on the last-chance push with the help of forceps, so well done Chelsea, coach/dad Brian, the entire medical team and of course Beckett for finally agreeing to move out of the cozy womb.

He’s 8 lbs. 2 oz. and 19.5 inches long, so we’re not sure what he was waiting for, but he’s here at last. The last few hours were tough on both Chelsea and Beckett (so, of course, worried husband/dad Brian, too), and all Beckett wants to do today is sleep. We all know that feeling, but please pray that he will begin to wake up enough to nurse, which is necessary for many reasons, but at the moment to keep his blood sugar up to healthy levels.

Proud Mama Chelsea and Beckett

Just wanted to share this good news!

*I promise to pass along any well-wishes you leave in the comments.


22 thoughts on “Welcome, Beckett!”

  1. Wow oh Wow oh WOW-oh!!!! Congratulations Chelsea and Brian, (and whole extended families!) and Welcome sweet baby boy Beckett — he’s beautiful. What a joy. What a blessing.

    Wishing our very best to new mom, dad, and baby with all (!) that lies ahead in these next magical days and weeks.

    Keep pictures coming!

    Love, (Great) – Aunt Meg and (Great) – Uncle Tom and cousin Ellie from here, and for sure from cousins Amy & Andrew, Vivek, and Charlie & Catie from afar.

  2. bienvenue à ce petit bébé, félicitations aux heureux parents et bon rétablissement à Chelsea

  3. So thankful all went well at the right time. Both look a little sleepy in the picture but don’t blame them after all that had gone before. Best wishes and love to the family.

  4. Please pat Chelsea on the back and say “that
    a a girl”, and pat Beckett on the back and say “atta boy”. Congrats and glad both are doing OK.

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