Good News

It can be difficult to find good news these days, so thought I’d share a bit with you. Some of you may have already heard — Brittany and Andy are engaged! WOOHOO! Congratulations, you two!

Brittany and Andy are engaged!

I didn’t want to steal their thunder, so gave them plenty of time to spread the word themselves, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still celebrate. And what a fun story they have to tell about that day!

The relationship is still thriving after road trips to both coasts, so they seem to be VERY well suited!

Brittany and Andy at Sunapee in July 2020

Beckett, of course, continues to be a joy, whenever I get to see him, and I’ve actually seen him several times this month. Brian had an extended business trip, so I was able to spend a bit more time than usual with Chelsea and her active little guy. Here he is in his own private ball pit (except we kept getting in with him–too fun).

Beckett – 19 September 2020
Auntie Brittany and Beckett – 19 September 2020

Brittany and Andy also came up for an overnight the 19th and Chelsea and Beckett stayed, too. What a great twenty-four hours that was, with lots of wedding talk and Pinterest pinning. We’re all optimistic that an outdoor wedding will be possible toward the end of July 2021, but we know flexibility is a prime virtue these days. Still. It was a major morale boost to have something positive to think about and plan for. We stayed up too late and drank too much wine, but I loved every minute (even the next morning, I promise). The best part, of course, was spending time with my dear ones, something that I have very much missed in these complicated, challenging times.

It’s been a few weeks now, and I’m back to finding joy in new blooms on my bougainvillea, and that’s okay, too. Probably better to be easily pleased these days.

Bonus good news: Doug and Kristl can now actually breathe OUTSIDE in Portland, Oregon, which is a very nice change after all the smoke from the Oregon wildfires. And closer to home, I’ve heard from a reliable source that the Poudre Canyon Chapel, the historic Arrowhead Lodge, and my friends’ family mountain house are still standing even after the Cameron Peak Fire made another terrible run down the canyon. That was also very good news. I have so many memories of wonderful times there, mostly with David, but even some since. The fires are not out, though, so please keep all impacted – whether displaced by the fire or fighting the fire — in your thoughts and prayers.

Wishing you an abundance of good news! And time with sweet children, if at all possible!

Beckett – 12 September 2020


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