Ramping Up

I’m inaugurating a new category this month: Celebrations. Woo-hoo! The imminent major celebration is the wedding, of course, and plans and projects are ramping up to an increasingly stressful pace, but things are getting done.

Brittany, Andy and Bega at Sunapee 2020
Brittany and Andy – October 2020

Brittany has endured four of her six rounds of chemo and still has hair, although it is certainly thinner than usual, but at least she won’t have to wear a hot wig for her July wedding at Lake Sunapee. That is a big plus and we are all grateful. Even with her low-energy days and a long daily commute for Andy, they are still dreaming big. I try to help where I can.  I’m confident it will be a wonderful celebration, even in the midst of all the challenges and missing many we wish could be there with us. 

We also celebrated the enthusiasm of toddlers when we enjoyed the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery with Beckett over Memorial Day weekend.

At the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery – 29 May 2021

So much fun. As usual his attention span outlasted ours. 😉 

And I’m celebrating daily my diminishing responsibilities for helping the new owners of my business ramp up to complete independence from me. This has allowed me to ramp up my daily writing. I have a few projects in the works and have even submitted a few poems to various local contests, so we’ll see where that goes (if anywhere). A lot of writing is for the writer, but let’s be honest, writers also write to be read. 

In a few weeks, I’ll be headed to one of my favorite places on earth,

Sunrise over Lake Sunapee – 2015
Lake Sunapee Dawn
Chelsea, Brian, Courtney, Brittany on the Megalodon — Felicity seeing them off — July 2019

where final wedding preparations will be handled calmly and efficiently (hahaha, just kidding, but we can dream). Whatever gets done or gets left undone, they should be married by about 5:00 p.m. July 24th, so the end is in sight. As I know I’ve mentioned somewhere in these posts, David and I had the lamest wedding in the history of the world, but it got the job done and the marriage was increasingly amazing with the passing years. So however the day goes, that is what I hope for Brittany and Andy. And you, too, if you are married or about to be. Can’t wait to ramp up the celebrating!

Here’s wishing (and hoping and praying) for a bright future for us all! 

4 thoughts on “Ramping Up”

  1. Look who got married Saturday morning! David and Jeneen (especially Jeneen) did not want a wedding, though they agreed they needed to get married before July 1st because 1) they want to be married and 2) They need a marriage certificate for Jeneen to be included on David’s health insurance plan, etc.. So…they were going to fly to Vegas and do an Elvis wedding, but the flights were super expensive. I had formulated an auxiliary plan for them in the event that that didn’t work out, and I am happy to say they went for it! Catalina State Park, with an officiant who also supplied the witnesses and snapshots! So, we were not invited, which I thought was brilliant, so as to eliminate any hurt feelings on either sides of the families, etc.. We gave them a lovely breakfast brunch when they returned. They spent the night at a very cool historic resort down here, which they loved. Perfect! Celebration indeed!


    1. Woo-hoo! Congratulations to the happy couple! Sounds like far less stress and expense, but of course the key thing is for each couple to decide for themselves what they want and do that. The marriage itself is the important part. Thanks in advance for house-sitting while I’m back east at the lake!

  2. After all Brittany and Andy have been through of late, hopes for an increasingly amazing life together sounds just right!

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