I know I’m not the only one waiting right now. Maybe if you can look at clocks this beautiful, even if only in photos, it won’t be so bad.

Musée d’Orsay – Paris

I imagine we’re all waiting for something — for the days to get longer, the weather to improve, for something long-backordered to finally arrive, for the news to be less depressing, for the pandemic to loosen its grip on our lives. I hope you are also awaiting even better things than those, as I am — new classes to start, a new baby to arrive.

Here’s Beckett then and now. He’s awaiting a baby brother, expected VERY soon. I’ll keep you posted!

Christmas was also a bit of a waiting game. I went over to Chelsea and Brian’s on Christmas morning, which was relaxed and lovely, even though Beckett was not feeling fabulous. We had to delay our full family Christmas until the 31st, to accommodate  scheduling with other parts of everyone’s extended family. It was worth the wait. We ended up with a lovely white “Christmas” and the broken oven mentioned in the poem in last month’s post experienced a Christmas miracle and came back to life just long enough for us to bake Courtney’s delicious cinnamon rolls and later roast the beef tenderloin. Lots of games, lots of laughs, lots of love.

The long-awaited delivery of the new oven was postponed to January 3rd. Ugh. But it’s here now and even provides a little slide show of gorgeous nature photos behind the clock numbers. Not something I ever thought I needed, but it is beautiful, and is about all the nature I’m getting these days. I’m waiting for spring!

Jonquil, La Rochelle, France

If you’d like a bit more spring while you wait, click here and here and here.

Brittany got tired of waiting for her post-chemo hair growth to catch up with the remnants, and had most of it cut off. She now has a sassy new short cut, with healthy, thick, thriving hair, and best of all, her smile is back.

Brittany’s New Do – January 2022

She and I went to a cheese-making class this past Saturday. Super-fun and interesting. We came away with a small waxed cheese, about the size of a hockey puck, which we were ideally to store at 50 to 55  degrees to age for several months. Yes, more waiting. My wine fridge has an adjustable temperature setting, so I  increased it to 53 degrees, a choice the fridge apparently doesn’t like. Occasionally I hear an eerie, moan rising from below, as if something had taken to haunting the place. A bit creepy until I tracked down the source of the sound, not gonna lie! But still, I will wait.

So here’s wishing you patience and all good things in this new year. While you and I wait for . . . well . . .  whatever is to come, here’s a tiny, adorable video created by (granddaughter) Felicity. Thanks, Felicity! 



10 thoughts on “Waiting”

  1. Love hearing about your family! Hope this new year will be filled with wonderful blessings for all of us!

    1. Amen to that! I hear Mom will be joining you for a class in late February or early March. Wish I could, too, but it’s not possible this year. Hope you have a great time together. I’ll get back to the Folk School one of these days!

  2. I would “like button” this, but I don’t want random accounts just to have the pleasure of clicking a button. Hopefully I remain account-less, but if not, no worries. Well written as always! I credit you with my abilities in this arena even if pop also contributed 🙂

  3. Happy New Year to you too. You have a born actor in the family. Waiting…not always easy to do!

  4. I always smile all the way through reading your posts Sunny!!😊. Your voice comes through so strong and I can just “see” you and everything you describe.
    Ima Sunnyfan
    (aka Diane Catlin)🤣

  5. I always smile all the way through reading your posts Sunny!!😊. Your voice comes through so strong and I can just “see” you and everything you describe.
    Ima Sunnyfan
    (aka Diane Catlin)🤣

    1. And here you are with your ACTUAL name, although the girls and I may always think of you as Diane Catlin. At least I add on the Valdez part in my brain these days!

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