Suddenly Summer

Arcachon Plage, France, June 2019

. . . or maybe not so sudden for most people, but I spent a lot of June with a lingering case of parainfluenza, something I hadn’t even known existed. Ugh. Avoid it if you can, even if it comes wrapped in a package as adorable as this:

Brooks, before we all got sick – Photo by Chelsea

We’re all well now. and I’m finally spending time outside, mostly catching up with gardening tasks.

Le Patio, La Rochelle, France, June 2019

Okay, I had nothing to do with this hydrangea. It grew on the patio of the little house I rented in La Rochelle, but very summery, right?

I haven’t made it back to France yet, but it’s high time I told you about another fab 2019 French adventure with Pascale, Jacky and friends, this one specifically celebrating summer and Châtelaillon-Plage, the beach just south of La Rochelle where the Kite and Wind Festival is held.

Don’t be deceived–these beach chairs were enormous, strictly décor!

Châtelaillon-Plage, France, June 2019

Somehow, I never managed to write about this event, possibly because there was so much to tell. It was a huge deal, including street after street of things to see, including fabulous old cars . . . .

MG at Châtelaillon-Plage Festival, June 2019

Then there was a multi-course moules frites meal for thousands on picnic tables lining streets as far as you could see. Those who had tickets (Thank you, Pascale and Jacky!) were given a specific color scarf and asked to find a table in the correct zone.

Repas de rue – Châtelaillon, France – June 2019 – Personal style encouraged!

Seriously French, right? Americans, let’s be honest, would have had those lame plasticky paper wristbands.

After dinner, we and the hordes headed to a concert with Collectif Métissé,  who had us all dancing. One woman in our group wanted to move a bit closer to the stage, so started dancing her way forward and the next person hung on to avoid losing her, and then the next, etc. Soon we were all linked together dancing and everyone thought we were a conga line and let us through! Genius. I think we even picked up a few conga-line dancers along the way.

June 2019

After the concert, we all headed to the beach for the fireworks. Pascale, Jacky, and I had lost sight of our friends, but found a perfect spot on warm, silky, white sand, right by the music. Bliss.

It was another “Just say OUI” adventure. It had been so hot all day, and we knew it would be crazy-crowded, but Pascale had already bought the tickets and friends were expecting us. I’m so glad we went. It was a perfect finale to my 2019 stay in La Rochelle (and environs). I’m thinking about it now, because . . . summer.

Also, fireworks.

There’s . . . a lot right now. A lot to worry about. A lot to argue about. But in the midst of it all, I’m praying for all of us: civil discourse, kindness, and the assumption–until proven otherwise–of good intentions. Have a safe 4th of July and a wonderful (and healthy) summer of grace and peace.

And . . . baby smiles . . .

Brooks – May 2022 – Photo by Chelsea

6 thoughts on “Suddenly Summer”

  1. Never heard of your June condition either but sounds miserable. L
    We are on a family vacation driving to Lake Geneva. A long drive but green, green, green and almost no traffic and great family time!

  2. I smiled so much reading this, especially the France dancing extravaganza 🤣 I can totally see you!! It brought me great joy to think of you having so much fun. love ya! Diane

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