Near and Far

Looking up at the beauty of fall at Lake Sunapee

I haven’t been to New England in October since 2015, but my heart is often there.

David and Eb in twin shirts – October 2015

I’m still in Colorado, barely traveling at the moment, but others are. Courtney flew out for a weekend this month, which went by way too quickly.  I do hear about her girls and see a few pics every now and then, like these from Homecoming.

Bailey (right) and friend – Homecoming 2022
Felicity (far right) and friends – Homecoming 2022

Love how smart they are about footwear! Let’s face it, though, they are too far away. I don’t get to see them often enough. I do see this little one a lot, since I’m still his nanny.

Brooks – October 2022

He may occasionally be a bit too near, since I tend to catch every bug he catches. Small price to pay for all the smiles and hugs. I even get a few from Beckett every now and then, but he’s pretty busy.

Brittany and Andy are about to be very far indeed. They’re moving to Australia in a couple of days. It hasn’t completely sunk in yet, but I’m already imagining Christmas without them. Far fewer games, I’m afraid, so I’m grateful for technology, which will allow us to stay in regular contact. And I’m very happy for them to have this opportunity. The adventures David and I had during our nomadic year will always be some of my favorite memories.

La Rochelle 2014

So I’m thinking about dear ones and favorite places, near and far. I’m trying to appreciate the near, while treasuring memories of–and staying in contact with–the far. Even though New Hampshire leaf peeping couldn’t happen for me, Colorado has had an absolutely gorgeous fall, with way more reds than usual. I’ve been drinking them in.

There are a few hillsides on the way to Chelsea’s that this year looked almost like New England. Almost. But I’ll take what I can get. Which is all any of us can do, right?

Here’s hoping you’re finding plenty to appreciate these days!


6 thoughts on “Near and Far”

  1. It’s been many years since I’ve lived in New England, but now we’re back. Although the colors of fall leaves are striking and brighten up the neighborhood, there’s also the wonderful musky scent of the fallen dead ones and the crisp, crunching sound they make as walk along the roadside.
    Enjoyed the pics, Sunny. Hoping wearing comfortable sneakers with all outfits is a trend for some time!

    1. Me too! Of course, I pretty much wear whatever I want. The dress code for nannying doesn’t tend to involve high heels! Yes, I treasure all the memories of my time with David on fall walks at Sunapee, the snap in the air like biting into an apple, the hint of wood smoke promising cozy firesides, and the jewel-toned leaves like cathedral windows. Love it all!

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