¡Hola Mexico!

Portable as we are, a spur of the moment invitation to join some friends in Mexico was immediately accepted, of course. (Did I mention we have excellent friends?) We’ve just returned from six days in a condo on the beach in Akumal, Mexico. Since air travel in coach tends to be a bit of an endurance test these days, David decided to pay a bit extra to give us more leg room. However, since our seats turned out to be bulkhead seats, all my flight comfort gear had to be comfy all by itself up in the overhead compartment. Fortunately, that was the extent of our troubles for the week, so no complaints here.

Akumal, Mexico
Akumal, Mexico just after Sunrise

I never tired of trying to capture the changing light, absolutely breathtaking.

Serenity -- Akumal, Mexico -- Late Afternoon
Serenity — Akumal, Mexico — Late Afternoon
Late Afternoon Illuminating the Coral on the Beach
Late Afternoon Illuminating the Coral on the Beach


Another view from the balcony. Here’s one of the palapas under which we’d park ourselves whenever we weren’t snorkeling, walking on the beach, or having a drink in the bar (or running up the three flights of stairs to the condo for one reason or another).

Slightly different view in the other direction.

Akumal Lemur
Akumal Lemur

Here is one of our “neighbors” across the street from the condo.

Akumal Lemurs Cocktail Hour
Akumal Lemurs Cocktail Hour

They were a bit shy, but a few times a day, generally around cocktail hour, ten to fifteen of these guys would congregate to see what the trash bins had to offer.

Another view was something we heard before it was something we saw, and we were puzzled. We kept hearing an odd rhythmic sound, several times a day, and finally decided it must be the spin cycle from housekeeping doing the laundry. Then we happened to venture down to La Buena Vida, a beach bar just down the way, and discovered this.

Not the Spin Cycle
Not the Spin Cycle
Not the Spin Cycle
Not the Spin Cycle Either









All in all an excellent WARM January mini-vacation. Many thanks to our generous, extremely hospitable friends!

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