Fun in the Sun: Brouage and Ile d’Aix

I had to set an alarm to be ready early enough for this jam-packed day, but was it ever worth it — absolutely perfect weather, gorgeous scenery, minimal crowds, delicious food and wine, and of course lots of laughs with our fun friends, Jacky and Pascale.

They picked us up at 8:30 a.m. and took us first to see Brouage . . .


. . . a 16th century citadel that used to be on the coast, but now, where the sea used to be:

The fields around Brouage — like a watercolor painting
Medieval WC, Brouage
Medieval WC, Brouage

I had the wrong lens on to get the full shot of this, but be sure to note more than the pretty stone. The board with the holes . . . that’s the far end of an eight-seater toilette. Yes, EIGHT. Awkward. Lots of cobwebs, so apparently NOT still in use.

After a walk around the perimeter and a stroll through the village, which apparently had not really ramped up for tourist season, we got back in the car and headed to Fouras to catch the ferry to Ile d’Aix (pronounced eel dex).

Pique-Nique in a bit of shade
Pique-Nique in a bit of shade — Photo by Pascale

First order of business, find a bit of shade pour le pique-nique.

Brouage-Aix 25-06 022Then a stroll (with photo stops) around the island. Do you think I have enough bags and cases to juggle while I snap photos and change lenses? My fab hat did come in handy, though. (These two photos by Jacky)

And for all of you playing “Where’s David?” . . . .




Brouage-Aix 25-06 023

Super photogenic place:

Ile d'Aix
Ile d’Aix
Ile d'Aix
Ile d’Aix

Eventually, of course, we had to head back, and although we managed to score great seats on the ferry for the return trip . . .

Pascale and Jacky
Pascale and Jacky

Malheureusement (unfortunately), they were  not on this boat!


5 thoughts on “Fun in the Sun: Brouage and Ile d’Aix”

  1. So nice to find your blog – I’ve been visiting La Rochelle since 1985.

    Charente-Maritime is a beautiful area.

    Isn’t it amazing how the sea used to be right by the Brouage?

    We were in La Rochelle and Rochefort this past May – I can’t stop thinking about going back.


    1. We were in La Rochelle for nearly the entire month of May (2017). Too funny to think we could have been standing next to each other at the vieux marché!

      1. It’s a great place to visit. Hoping to be there again in 2018. And yes too funny. If I had heard English – I would have talked to you.

        Did you have a chance to visit Fouras?

  2. Well, I was always speaking French to the vendors, though the occasional consultation with my husband about what we wanted would have been in English. But we definitely adopt the French style of speaking quietly, so may not have been overheard by many. That was the goal anyway!

    I don’t remember much of Fouras. I think we only had time to catch the ferry to Ile d’Aix. That trip was during the roughly six months we lived in La Rochelle in 2014, so a few details escape me.

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